Character Domeru

Elk Domel (CV: Akio Otsuka)

Character  Domeru

Milky Way Theatre Operations Commander, Greater Garmillan Empire (Formerly Commander, Small Magellanic Cloud Defense Forces)
Rank: Supreme General (Lt. General while serving as commander of the Small Magellanic Cloud Defense Forces)
Earth-equivalent age: 38
A famous Garmillan general, admired and feared by friend and foe alike as the “Wolf of Space.”
He was dispatched to the Small Magellanic Cloud front as the trump card against a race of barbarians that was making repeated incursions into imperial territory, where he took command of the Small Magellanic Army Group and assumed the task of defending the fatherland on the front lines.
Later, he was ordered by Desler to assume the post of Commander, Milky Way Galaxy Theater in order to deal with “the Yamato problem.”
His 6th Astro Armored Division, known as the “Domel Corps,” are said to have the mobility and destructive power of a whirlwind, and, most importantly, they posses an esprit de corps unparalleled in all the Garmillan armed forces. Rather than crushing his enemies with sheer numbers, Domel uses tactics meant to confuse and scatter the enemy and drive them to surrender. A noble-minded man who prizes ability above all else and doesn’t discriminate against the empire’s conquered races, he inspires fierce loyalty in his subordinates and has a chivalric spirit that causes him to respect someone who gives his all in battle, even an enemy. Although he is a professional soldier through and through and shuns politics, his national popularity has caused him to be disliked among many in Desler’s inner circle.