At the beginning of the 23rd century.

The Bolar Federation and the newly reformed Gamilon Empire are at war, fighting for supremacy in the universe. The Solar System is no exception, and one of the planets destroying proton missiles released by the Gamilon Empire goes astray and strikes the Sun causing the nuclear fusions to accelerate. What fate awaits the people of the earth? The Supreme Earth Commander Charles Singleton appoints Commander Wildstar to Captain the Argo to seek out a new planet to call home. The Argo departs once again and encounters a damaged ship called Legendra near Neptune. Captain Wildstar aids the damaged ship, but then who comes after the damaged ship is none other than the Gamilons, who has been reformed by Desslok. The Argo is drawn into a complex intergalactic war regardless of their intentions.


With time running out, Earth has one year before it’s destroyed.

Divine seminararbeiten schreiben lassen warfare and yhwh’s wars religious ideologies of war in the ancient near east and in the old testament.