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EPISODE 12: What Lies Beyond

First contact with Gamilas. The truth behind what really happened leaves bad blood between Kodai and Shima. The truth, heard straight from the mouths of Yamazaki and Okita, is… Meanwhile, on the Gamilas homeworld, Dessler has ordered General Domel to hunt down and destroy the Yamato.

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EPISODE 11: The World I Once Saw

There is a clash of opinions on how to treat Melda, the Gamilas pilot who has been left aboard the Yamato. Amidst all the arguments, Melda’s fighter and a Cosmo Falcon suddenly launch from the ship. Who in the world is piloting them?! 

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5 post cards in Vol.3!!

Almost June 26!!

Vol.3 DVD and Blu-ray release!!

I’ve got great news!

For Vol.3 ,both DVD and Blu-ray, 5 post cards are included!!

Designs on the back are… secret!! please check when you get Vol.3!!!

Post card size are bigger than Vol.1 & 2!

Screenshot 2014-06-09 17.04.26

Stamp side design is like this!

For back pictures design…wait until you get one!!

Same as Vol.1&2, it’s limited , only 2000 Blu-ray and 1000 DVD.

Each has serial number!


EPISODE 10: The Cosmic Graveyard

The Yamato finds herself stuck in an extra-dimensional rift. This place turns out to be a cosmic graveyard, littered with the wrecks of countless alien ships. A Gamilas ship that is trapped in the same rift hails the Yamato. They say that they will have to work together if they are going to escape that region of space, but then…

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