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EPISODE 9: A Clockwork Prisoner

AU09 is assigned the duty of analyzing the captured Gamilas mechanical soldier Alter and extracting intel on Gamilas. A relationship that is akin to friendship forms between the two machines. Chief of Security Ito tries to destroy Alter when it begins to exhibit inexplicable behavior, but then… Do machines really have a soul?

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Fan Forum open! Let’s talk about STAR BLAZERS!

Now!! STAR BLAZERS fan forum page opened !!

Let’s talk about stories! characters! reviews! memories!

anything about STAR BLAZERS!

I made 3 topics.

If you have any request for topics, please write in the forum page.

You can write without login.Feel free to write and talk!

Please enjoy!!

EPISODE 8: Wish Upon a Star

In the Gamilas imperial capital of Barelas, Chancellor Dessler plans to demonstrate his strength to his cabinet by displaying a live feed of the Yamato being sunk in an operation that he himself planned. Caught between a gaseous lifeform and the scorching hot sun Gliese 581 thanks to Dessler’s plan, the Yamato finds herself in desperate straits. What will the Yamato’s fate be?! Screenshot 2014-04-22 05.43.46

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