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Updated EPISODE 10: The Cosmic Graveyard

Updated EPISODE 10: The Cosmic Graveyard

Please check the episode page.

Vol.3 is coming on June 26!

Vol.1 & 2 are on sale now!


Vol.3 is coming this month!

Vol.3 is coming on June 26th!!

Finally Domel appears!!

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Updated EPISODE 9: A Clockwork Prisoner


Just update EPISODE 9: A Clockwork Prisoner

Vol.3 is coming on June 26!!

Pre-order has been already started!

Vol.1 & Vol.2 is also on sale!

Shipping information.Next shipping will be middle of June.


Thank you for shopping at

DVD and Blu-ray Vol.1 &2, and other products’  next shipping will be middle of June.

For Vol.3 , after release date , June 26.

Thank you

Finished updating! Check out the Mechanic page!


Finally Mechanic page finished updating.

Now you can see all the information and description of mechanic from 2199.

Check out Gamirasu and Earth cool mechanics!!


Fan Forum open! Let’s talk about STAR BLAZERS!

Now!! STAR BLAZERS fan forum page opened !!

Let’s talk about stories! characters! reviews! memories!

anything about STAR BLAZERS!

I made 3 topics.

If you have any request for topics, please write in the forum page.

You can write without login.Feel free to write and talk!

Please enjoy!!

Starts Today!【Vol.3】Blu-ray & DVD Pre-order start!

Blu-ray & DVD Vol.3 Pre-order started today! 

Includes Episode 9,10,11,12.

In Vol.3 , finally!! Supreme General Domel appears!

↓↓Please check from our shopping page.↓↓

Attached image below is Vol.3 Package!



Thank you for waiting! Blu-ray & DVD Vol.2 is coming!

Thank you for waiting!

On April 24th Thursday ,Blu-ray & DVD Vol.2 will be released!

Please visit our Shopping site!

Star Blazers Shopping site

Vol.2 Blu-ray

Updated EPISODE 8: Wish Upon a Star


Updated EPISODE 8: Wish Upon a Star on episode page.

Vol.2 coming soon!! April 24th release.

Also we’ll start pre order for Vol.3!


Website recovered server has been down for a while yesterday,

due to data center trouble.

Right now it has been recovered.

Sorry for inconvenience.