Episode Introduction

The year is 2199. Humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction.
Earth has under indiscrimate attack from meteor bombs by the Gamilas,
an interstellar state that swept down upon us from outer space.
Humanity has built underground cities and continued to fight back,
but the spectre of death from these meteor bombs has begun to seep
into even these underground cities.
According to scientists, roughly one year remains before mankind goes extinct…

Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima, two young UN Cosmo Force officers,
retrieve a mysterious capsule from a spaceship that had crashed on Mars
and return with it to Earth.

What Kodai and Shima found waiting for them on their return to Earth
was the Yamato Project, which had been put in motion as mankind’s final hope.
This plan involved receiving technical aid from the unknown world Iscandar,
located in the distant Large Magellenic Cloud, building humanity’s first
space battleship capable of interstellar travel, and returning with a system
that would cleanse and revive the Earth, which had been polluted by the Gamilas’ attacks.
The name of this ship that represents mankind’s final hope is the Yamato.

However, humanity has just one year left.
Will the Yamato be able to save us all?