“Star Blazers 2199 Episode 7 – and the battleship departs” First day stage report.

01 On August 24th (Sat) the Shinjuku Piccadilly Theater hosted a stage report featuring Daisuke Ono as Susumu Kodai, Kenichi Suzumura as Daisuke Shima and Yutaka Izubuchi as general director. As the journey of Yamato comes to an end 600 fans filled the seats of the theater. The guests were greeted by a salute from the audience.




Daisuke Ono

“At the beginning, I felt as if I was getting crushed by all of the pressure. After all, this production was receiving a lot of attention. Some people were shocked to find out that I played this role. The night before the after recording studio, I felt restless all night. Personally, this was the first production to keep me awake all night. I felt as if I was on a real journey with the cast and staff. Finally, we made it here. Towards the end, the people of the after recording studio looked like the Yamato Crew.”



Kenichi Suzumura

“In episode 7, Shima had encountered many obstacles as Yamato’s navigating officer. Although he really matured throughout the journey, he had no encounters with the ladies. While still keeping the scent of the original Yamato, we were able to successfully create the modern production. Thank you very much for your continuous support.”




Yutaka Izubuchi

“It took us a year and a half to air this production and as a general director, I have been working on it for 5 years. We have finally landed back on earth as Yamato’s journey has come to an end. So much happened. It is very difficult to express how I feel upon completing this production but I was deeply moved. The three guests poured their hearts out in their sensational speeches. As a closer, Mr. Ono as Kodai stated “The theme of episode 7 was to cherish the connection between people. This big theme was passed on to the future generation. To all of our supporting fans who have fell in love with Yamato, including me, let us pass Yamato to the future generations. Thank you for all your support.” This concluded the final stage report.