Volume 1 available Thursday 2/27/2014
Pre-order starts Thursday 12/19/2013


Japanese version of Starblazers 2199.26 episodes in 6 volumes
English/Spanish subtitles Original images with music
Volume 1 includes episodes 1-4

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DVD USD $34.99
Blue-ray USD $44.99

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The new 2013 massive hit series in Japan, STAR BLAZERS 2199,
will be released for international audiences starting 2014
by Voyager Entertainment USA Inc.
As part of the first step in getting this series out to international audiences,
all 26 episodes of the Japanese version have been compiled for DVD and Blu-ray release.
This “original” version, it is planned for release in 6 volumes,
with Vol. 1 (episodes 1 -4) scheduled out on 2/27/2014
Following that, the succeeding volumes will be released as follows:
Volume 2 in April 2014
Volume 3 in June 2014
Volume 4 in August 2014
Volume 5 in October 2014
Volume 6 in December 2014(include 6 episodes.Premium version.Price is higher than other DVD and Blu-ray)
For North American audiences, Vol. 1 will be released with English and Spanish subtitles.