The year is 2201.

The deputy Captain of the Argo Derek Wildstar is returning from a one year mission on the periphery of the Solar System guarding a convoy of transport ships. A surprise attack from an unknown enemy is launched against the convoy. This new enemy was an Advance Attack unit led by General Naska of the Comet Empire, with plans to colonize all the planets in the Solar System. At the same time a mysterious energy of unknown origin envelops the Argo, and damages all the electronic equipment. Head Quarter of the Earth Defense Force receives a same mysterious energy, which Stephan Sandor tries to decode to try to stop the machines from going out of control. The energy is from Trelaina from the planet Telezart.


Who is Trelaina – someone even the Comet Empire fears? Can the Earth defeat this new threat who is aided by their old enemy Desslok?