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Star Blazers 2199 Vol.4 DVD and Blu-ray is coming up!!!

Vol.3 is release on Aug.28 2014.

Include episode 13-16.

Now on Pre order at shopping page!

Limited edition. 1,000 DVD & 2,000 Blu-ray.



Star Blazers 2199 Vol.3 DVD and Blu-ray is coming up!!!

Vol.3 is release on June.26 2014.

Include episode 9-12.

Limited edition. 1,000 DVD & 2,000 Blu-ray.


DVD vol.2

Star Blazers 2199 Vol.2 DVD and Blu-ray is coming up!!!

Vol.2 is release on Apr.24 2014.

Include episode 5-8.

Limited edition. 1,000 DVD & 2,000 Blu-ray.




Vol.1 available Thursday 2/27/2014

Limited edition. 1,000 DVD & 2,000 Blu-ray.


Japanese version of Starblazers 2199.
26 episodes in 6 volumes
English/Spanish subtitles
Original images with music

Vol.1-Vol.6 will be release! 

Retail Price

DVD USD 34.99

Blue-ray USD 44.99

Pre-order at:

Accepting pre-orders in Kinokuniya stores scross the US starting the end of December, and planning to distribute at other stores and EC site accordingly.

The new 2013 massive hit series in Japan, STAR BLAZERS 2199, will be released for international audiences starting 2014

by Voyager Entertainment USA Inc.

As part of the first step in getting this series out to international audiences,

all 26 episodes of the Japanese version have been compiled for DVD and Blu-ray release. This “original” version, it is planned for release in 6 volumes,

with Vol. 1 (episodes 1 -4) scheduled out on 2/27/2014 Following that, the succeeding volumes will be released as follows:

Volume 2 in April 2014

Volume 3 in June 2014

Volume 4 in August 2014

Volume 5 in October 2014

Volume 6 in December 2014

For North American audiences, Vol. 1 will be released with English and Spanish subtitles.

Next, there will be development for a worldwide release of DVD & Blu-ray Disc versions that will support subtitles in the native language of each country, as well as an English dubbed version, starting with the North American release. We will begin merchandise licensing accordingly. Please look forward to Japan’s pride anime series STAR BLAZERS (Space Battleship Yamato)!

Voyager Entertainment USA Inc.
Producer: Hiroaki Ikegami – email:


~In addition to the online shop, the streaming distribution of the Yamato Girls, will begin delivering the latest news~
Voyager Entertainment USA Inc.

who currently holds the license to STAR BLAZERS (Space Battleship Yamato),
is massively renewing the ocial website, in anticipation of the 2014 release!

The website renewal will include:
~ An online shop
~ Distribution of news videos and promotional clips
~ Eventual expansion to accommodate the fan community

*Look forward to shopping online & receiving news/updates on December 19, 2013*
Bilingual talent Shiori Kawana, as one of the YAMATO GIRLS, has been appointed to do overseas promotion.
She will deliver all the latest news and related information in English, while dressed as Yuki Mori.
She will be appearing at anime-related events across the US as she promotes STAR BLAZERS.

Shiori Kawana’s Prole:
Photobook Idol
Bilingual talent
Brilliant Agency


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