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EPISODE 16: A Choice For the Future

The Yamato is out of danger. Beemela-4, where they have stopped off to resupply, has an environment that is very close to Earth’s, and is an ideal planet for humanity to relocate to. While Kodai and the others are away surveying the planet, the faction with misgivings about the feasibility of the Yamato Project launch a mutiny. Meanwhile, Kodai’s group discover a crashed extraterrestrial ship. This ship is…


EPISODE 15: The Point of No Return

The crew of the Yamato is being worn down by Domel’s relentless attacks. Aboard the ship, doubts begin to be voiced about the feasibility of the Yamato Project. The Yamato warps to evade a Gamilas force reconnaissance, but they find a massive fleet is waiting for them when they come out of warp. This was the resourceful General Domel’s strategy all along.


EPISODE 14: The Witch Whispers

Kodai is returning from a reconnaissance mission with Yuki aboard a Type-100 recon craft. But what they find is the Yamato drifting in space. Aboard the deserted ship, Kodai encounters his father and mother, who by all rights should be dead. And as for Yuki… 


EPISODE 13: The Wolf from Another Dimension

Attacks from an unseen enemy. This enemy is an extra-dimensional submarine captained by Flakken that has been placed under the command of  Dumel. As they are buffeted by its torpedo attacks, Okita collapses and has to undergo emergency surgery. Disobeying orders, Kodai takes a risky gamble to save the Yamato


EPISODE 12: What Lies Beyond

First contact with Gamilas. The truth behind what really happened leaves bad blood between Kodai and Shima. The truth, heard straight from the mouths of Yamazaki and Okita, is… Meanwhile, on the Gamilas homeworld, Dessler has ordered General Domel to hunt down and destroy the Yamato.

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EPISODE 11: The World I Once Saw

There is a clash of opinions on how to treat Melda, the Gamilas pilot who has been left aboard the Yamato. Amidst all the arguments, Melda’s fighter and a Cosmo Falcon suddenly launch from the ship. Who in the world is piloting them?! 

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EPISODE 10: The Cosmic Graveyard

The Yamato finds herself stuck in an extra-dimensional rift. This place turns out to be a cosmic graveyard, littered with the wrecks of countless alien ships. A Gamilas ship that is trapped in the same rift hails the Yamato. They say that they will have to work together if they are going to escape that region of space, but then…

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EPISODE 9: A Clockwork Prisoner

AU09 is assigned the duty of analyzing the captured Gamilas mechanical soldier Alter and extracting intel on Gamilas. A relationship that is akin to friendship forms between the two machines. Chief of Security Ito tries to destroy Alter when it begins to exhibit inexplicable behavior, but then… Do machines really have a soul?

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EPISODE 8: Wish Upon a Star

In the Gamilas imperial capital of Barelas, Chancellor Dessler plans to demonstrate his strength to his cabinet by displaying a live feed of the Yamato being sunk in an operation that he himself planned. Caught between a gaseous lifeform and the scorching hot sun Gliese 581 thanks to Dessler’s plan, the Yamato finds herself in desperate straits. What will the Yamato’s fate be?! Screenshot 2014-04-22 05.43.46

EPISODE 7: Farewell to the Solar System

The Yamato is on the verge of crossing the heliopause, the border between our solar system and interstellar space. Aboard the ship, the crew is given permission to communicate with their families, and they each say their goodbyes. Surrounded by this festive mood, Kodai, who has lost all his family in battle against the Gamilas, is overwhelmed with boredom. And he is not the only one…

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