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EPISODE 6: The Sun Sets on Pluto

The Yamato sinks into Pluto’s sea. The Yamato’s fighter squadron continues its search for the enemy’s base. Kodai notices enemy fighters appearing from out of the aurora that adorns Pluto. Evading the reflector satellite cannon’s attacks, the Yamato’s counteroffensive begins! 0409

EPISODE 5: Inescapable Trap

Pluto, the site of the base that has been launching the meteor bombs that have devastated the Earth. Determined to destroy this base, Okita commences an attack. The Yamato’s plan is to carry out a joint operation with their fighter squadron, but the Yamato herself comes under long-range attack via reflector satellite cannon and is damaged. Out of control, the Yamato falls into Pluto’s sea, and then…

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EPISODE 4: Gravestone on the Ice Field

When the Yamato receives a UN Cosmo Navy distress signal, they decide to set down on Saturn’s moon Enceladus and conduct rescue operations. However, they come under attack by a Gamilas reconnaissance landing ship. During the battle, Kodai discovers a wreck frozen on Enceladus’ ice fields. There, he learns a shocking truth. 



EPISODE 3: Escape From Jupiter Space

The Yamato conducts a test of her warp system by traveling from Mars orbit to Jupiter. Suffering engine trouble, the Yamato sets down on a mysterious continent floating within Jupiter and carries out repairs, but she comes under Gamilas surprise attack. During this desperate battle, Okita eventually decides to employ their new weapon, the Tachyon Wave Cannon. 



EPISODE 2: Our Destination is the Sea of Stars

Our Destination is the Sea of Stars

Lying atop the red, parched earth, a sunken battleship slumbers quietly.

This ship is an interstellar spacecraft that humanity has been constructing in secret.

Her name is the Yamato. And the mission that she has been tasked with is an epic voyage

to the planet Iscandar, located 168,000 light years away. 



EPISODE 1: Messenger from Iscandar

Messenger from Iscandar

The year is 2199. Losing its battle against the Gamilas,

humanity is on its way to extinction. In the midst of an engagement off

of Pluto between the UN Cosmo Navy’s last fleet and the Gamilas,

a mysterious spaceship crash-lands on Mars. What is the message

that was retrieved from that ship?!

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Episode Introduction

The year is 2199. Humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction.
Earth has under indiscrimate attack from meteor bombs by the Gamilas,
an interstellar state that swept down upon us from outer space.
Humanity has built underground cities and continued to fight back,
but the spectre of death from these meteor bombs has begun to seep
into even these underground cities.
According to scientists, roughly one year remains before mankind goes extinct…

Susumu Kodai and Daisuke Shima, two young UN Cosmo Force officers,
retrieve a mysterious capsule from a spaceship that had crashed on Mars
and return with it to Earth.

What Kodai and Shima found waiting for them on their return to Earth
was the Yamato Project, which had been put in motion as mankind’s final hope.
This plan involved receiving technical aid from the unknown world Iscandar,
located in the distant Large Magellenic Cloud, building humanity’s first
space battleship capable of interstellar travel, and returning with a system
that would cleanse and revive the Earth, which had been polluted by the Gamilas’ attacks.
The name of this ship that represents mankind’s final hope is the Yamato.

However, humanity has just one year left.
Will the Yamato be able to save us all?


What is STAR BLAZERS 2199


which was produced in Japan in 1974, is a monumental work that has greatly influenced creators and subsequent animated series as the archetypal Japanese space opera. As a series with such a history like this, the production teams of all the companies involved have come together to create a remake of the production. We hope that not only the fans of the original work, but as well as the young generation of viewers far and wide, will be touched by this work, and enjoy STAR BLAZERS 2199.

From the entire staff of STAR BLAZERS 2199


Production Overview

A new animated series, also known as STAR BLAZERS 2199 overseas (Japanese: Uchu-Senkan Yamato 2199). Beginning in Spring 2012, there are seven segments that have begun releases within Japan as theatrical films (as of now, up until the sixth segment has been released in theaters) and the DVD and Blu-ray of the first five theatrical film versions that were released in theaters have been released for sale. It is an extremely popular series that begun on the MBS/TBS network in Japan in April 2013 and will be ending in September 2013.


26 episodes total (22 minutes per episode, 30 minutes on broadcast television) and 7 segments (specifically for theater release).