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AX screening information Showing EPISODE 10

Screening at Anime EXPO, We’ll be showing EPISODE 10.

EPISODE 10 is included in DVD ,Blu-ray Vol.3 just released last week!

Don’t forget to come to our screening!

July 5th , 12:15PM-1:15PM.

At Room LP1.




Apologize for wrong information


We apologize to Customers purchased DVD and Blu-ray Vol.3.

The Time for screening on the flyer was incorrect.

Screening time will be July 5th Sat.12:15-1:15 at Room LP1.

Sorry for the wrong information.

Thank you.



AX Screening information Showing Music Video

We’ll be showing music video from the movie

 “Uchusenkan YAMATO 2199” Chapter7(Episode 23-26)

shown on theater last year in Japan ,

Ending theme AINOHOSHI “Planet of Love”

sung by Japanese No.1 anison singer NANA MIZUKI.

This song will be in US DVD and Blu-ray Vol.6(Episode 21-26) .

This Music video is only available to Japanese Fan club DVD and Blu-ray.

YAMATO2199 movie is specially edited to the music.

Never shown in japan or anywhere else before!

We’ll show on AX and San Diego Comi-con exclusively.

Vol.3 DVD & Blu-ray release! Vol.4 Pre-order started!

Today is …..June 26th!!

Vol.3 DVD & Blu-ray release day!!!!!

And….Vol.4 Pre-order started!!!!!

Check the shopping page

Blu-ray & DVD Vol.3 is coming!!

Thank you for waiting!

Thank you for pre-ordering!!

Vol. 3 will be release tomorrow!!

Episode 9-12 are included.

Shopping page is here

Please also check Episodes page.

Vol.1 & 2 are now on sale!




Anime Expo & San Diego Comic-con Screening information!!

Hello all

Anime Expo and San Diego Comic-con Screening information!!

Screening room is huge! Please come and join us!!

We’ll be showing a lot!!!!



Updated EPISODE 12: What Lies Beyond


I’ve just added EPISODE 12: What Lies Beyond on Episode page!

Please check!

Vol.3 is coming on june 26th!!

Scrrening at Anime Expo and San Diego Comicon!


We’re having Screening at Anime Expo and San Diego Comicon.

Please check the top page and click for more information!!


Updated EPISODE 11: The World I Once Saw

Updated EPISODE 11: The World I Once Saw

Please check from Episode page.

Vol.3 is coming…!!! On June 26th.

Have you already pre-ordered??

Vol.1&2 is now on sale!

Check out the shopping page

5 post cards in Vol.3!!

Almost June 26!!

Vol.3 DVD and Blu-ray release!!

I’ve got great news!

For Vol.3 ,both DVD and Blu-ray, 5 post cards are included!!

Designs on the back are… secret!! please check when you get Vol.3!!!

Post card size are bigger than Vol.1 & 2!

Screenshot 2014-06-09 17.04.26

Stamp side design is like this!

For back pictures design…wait until you get one!!

Same as Vol.1&2, it’s limited , only 2000 Blu-ray and 1000 DVD.

Each has serial number!