Astro Dogfighter DWG262 Czvarke (Melda’s personal fighter)


Length: 15.58m
Wingspan: 7.5
Crew: 1
Armaments: 13mm machine guns x 6 (main wing)
30mm machine cannons x 4 (nose: 2; weapons pod: 2)
Air to air missiles x 6 (left and right weapons pods, 3 each)

A single-seat, highly maneuverable fighter that is the mainstay of the Imperial Gamilan Forces. They are deployed in air wings in every theater of war, and are also used as ship-based fighters. The red color is Melda Ditz’s personal color.
[DF: writing her name as “Ditz” will get unfortunate laughs. “Dietz” is how that name is spelled in the real world.]