Superdreadnought-class Class-1 Astro Combatant Ship Domelaze III


Length: 730m
Armaments: 490mm quad-mount positron beam turrets x 7
330mm triple-mount positron beam turrets x 4
Bow space torpedo launch tubes x 6
Stern space torpedo launch tubes x 7
Bridge space torpedo launch tubes x 6

Carrying Generaloberst [DF: “Senior General” as alt. – he’s army, not navy] Elk Domel, she is the flagship of the Milky Way Theater Fleet. The largest class of combatant ship within the Gamilas astrofleet. Developed as a state-of-the-art heavy Panzerschiff under the “big ships, bigger guns” school of thought favored by Central Command Inspector General Herm Zoellick, it is officially known as the Zoelguut-class Class-1 Astro Battleship . As might be expected of a ship carrying Domel, so renowned for his courage under fire that he has come to be called the “Wolf of Space,” its most distinguishing characteristic is that it painted in a color reminiscent of the “silver wolf,” which is unlike the basic colors of the rest of the Gamilas fleet.