Dimensional Submarine UX-01


Length: 144m
Armaments: Bow subspace torpedo launch tubes x 6
Stern subspace torpedo launch tubes x 2
99mm single-mount positron beam turret x 1 (foredeck)
33mm twin-mount laser machine cannon x 1 (aft of sail)
Missile launchers x 8 (bow, dorsal)
Space minelayers x 5 (aft deck)

A special combatant ship designed not only for operations in normal space, but to also be able to cross over into subspace and navigate there. Her captain is Wolf Flakken. When in normal space, it operates using the same wave motion propulsion (the Geschtamm Engine) as other Gamilas vessels, but switches over to subspace propulsion (the Geschvaal Engine) for navigation when she dives into subspace. To minimize propulsion energy expenditure while in subspace, she is equipped with multidimensional ballast tanks whose discharge is used to regulate her surfacing and sinking. Furthermore, her maximum subspace dive duration is a top-level military secret and has not been made public.